Men’s fears in bed. How to get rid of them?

It is common to think that insecurity and fears are inherent only to a young man who is trying to satisfy a girl for the first time. But experienced men also have their phobias in bed, especially if they feel that manhood begins to fade. And so, let’s break down all the fears in order, and try to cope with them.

Weak erection

Yes, it happens that at the most important moment it is impossible to lift your penis under any circumstances. And everything started out so well, your partner is ready, and you have a crash. And the worst thing is, every subsequent time, the man recalls this embarrassing incident and cannot cope with the excitement. To add confidence and a little firmness to your sex life, it is enough to choose the right drugs to increase potency. Fortunately, the choice on the market is huge, and the prices are very acceptable. You can buy such medications at

Premature ejaculation

Yes, it’s not very pleasant when your partner hasn’t even started and you’ve already finished.  Premature ejaculation is a problem for many men, most read it as not just a fear, but a nightmare. Solving this mishap is as easy as the previous problem. You can buy Dapoxetine, it is suitable for men of any age. The drug has a mild effect on the body, normalizes ejaculation and prolongs sexual intercourse.

Did you give pleasure to a woman

Probably every man after intercourse thinks about whether he managed to satisfy his partner. And often a woman does not want to offend a man, fakes an orgasm and does not realize that by doing so she brings the relationship to a standstill. So that you do not have to think whether it was or was not, an hour before the intended intercourse, use special medication. These are drugs that increase potency, treat sexual dysfunction, and prolong intercourse so that there is enough time for everything.

Penis size

Probably the most insulting and scary thing for a man to hear about his “friend” is that he is small. And although most sexologists long ago proved that it’s not a matter of size, but of the ability to use the penis, still the centimeters do not give rest. You can not argue with nature, she has given you exactly this organ, and you have to understand that for a girl who has feelings for you it is not important at all, for her centimeters are of the last place.

How many partners has she had?

Often a man wonders how many sexual partners his girlfriend has had. And to a large extent, he is interested not because of jealousy, but because he is afraid to be the worst. Especially if the lady begins to talk about the deeds she has done before. Often this leads to the fact that the man begins to have problems with potency, confidence is lost somewhere, and sexual life loses brightness. Especially if the young man is already over 30. In this case, you can buy the drug Cialis, the pharmacy offers a good price for this unique tool to enhance potency and male strength.  With this drug, your partner will not even remember your exes. Modern medication can be a great option for any man who wants to satisfy his woman, but feels insecure or even has real problems.